In my role as Crisis Intervention Partner Program Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, it is amazing to watch, first-hand, the impact which these trainings have for the participants. Through information and practice, we are re-training participants to effectively use attitudes, beliefs, and verbal/non-verbal skills as a part of their response to crisis situations with inmates diagnosed with a mental illness. CIP utilizes the best of a public health model approach, by including diverse voices from outside and within the prison to collectively address the current reality for inmates behind the prison wall. It is a privilege to be a part of this process.
— Dr. Jeff Garbelman, Wisconsin DOC
Please make CIP part of all officer training, at the academy and at each prison. Everyone needs this information when dealing with the population we serve.
— Stephanie, CIP training 2013
The program was very effective and informational. I am interested in getting this training for more people in my personal and professional circles.
— UWPD Officer, NAMI Dane County and UWPD CIP Training. Dec, 2015
A simple yet powerful tool to promote awareness and understanding
— Kenosha PD on 'Hearing Voices Simulation'
I really liked the variety of information on mental illnesses presented by informed sources. The presenters were knowledgeable and provided an appropriate depth of information.”
— UWPD Officer, NAMI Dane County and UWPD CIP Training. Dec, 2015