Thank you for your interest in bringing CIT&CIP to your community!

CIT&CIP are more than just trainings, it is a community initiative built on long lasting and evolving partnerships based on mutual goals. 

Coordinating CIT&CIP trainings annually is a huge collaborative effort that begins and ends within your community and is based off mutual partnerships.

These partnerships include mental healthcare providers, law enforcement, local NAMI affiliates, family members and consumers, local advocates, and other key community stakeholders. By bringing together these key community partners, various areas are represented and reached, meeting the the unique needs of individual communities. In doing so, your community can begin the conversation about adapting the philosophy of CIT&CIP.

There are resources available to help plan, facilitate, and fund a training in your area. Please connect with the NAMI Wisconsin Associate Director to discuss and begin the process of bringing CIT&CIP to your community. 
email:   phone: (608) 268-600


Use the toolkits, displayed on the right, to guide the beginning process of launching your county/community as a CIT&CIP training location.

After completing the necessary steps required to begin the process of becoming a Wisconsin CIT& CIP training location, access to the Trainer's Portal will be provided. The Wisconsin CIT&CIP Trainer's Portal is an information and resource sharing platform, created to be of assistance during the planning of your training and used by the WI CIT&CIP Trainer's/Facilitators statewide.

Thank you for you dedication and passion to crisis intervention and welcome to the CIT&CIP Wisconsin community!